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A collection of learnings and recommendations from our developers and community, based on learnings from real-world projects.

Release Notes

Note: The Guides area assumes you have at least basic understanding of JSS. If you haven't already, make sure you've:

  1. Gone through the Quick start steps in the Documentation
  2. Familiarized yourself with the information in the StyleGuide from the starter project associated with your framework. (These guides are more effective when viewed from a running JSS app, but here are the direct GitHub links for reference)
    React | Vue | Angular | React Native
  3. Learned framework-specific APIs that apply for your framework
    React | Vue | Angular | React Native
  4. Read through fundamental JSS concepts.

Welcome, friend! Thank you for checking out our guides and recommended practices - we've put a lot of effort into it, and we really hope it helps developers like you be successful with JSS.

If you're here, it's probably because you're new to JSS and you're looking for additional learning materials, or you're already neck-deep in a JSS project and you (like many others before you) are wondering whether you are "doing this the right way." Well, no matter your experience level with JSS - you've come to the right place! There are topics here ranging from JS vs JSS to Infrastructure, and everything in between.

We've interviewed developers from multiple JSS projects over the past year to collect feedback on documentation pain points, we've gotten hands-on insights from collaborating on JSS projects with Sitecore customers, and we've kept and eye on community chatter in the JSS Slack channel.

These guides are a collection of our learnings. We examined the patterns that we noticed in successful teams who feel more productive using JSS, and the complaints that we heard from teams who faced challenges with JSS.

As always, we welcome your feedback and contributions to this living collection of documents. To contribute, submit comments or pull requests to the JSS "guides" branch in GitHub.

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